Composition «There’s a lot of people like you» 13×18″ series I’ m sorry I exist, 2019 (2019)


I’ m sorry I exist, 2019
series of 25 works, 32x45cm, paper

This project is about feelings of guilt for our actions or even the fact of our existence. About guilt that constantly makes us
apologize, explain, justify ourselves.
This feeling stretches from childhood and crawls on our backs, making us feel uncomfortable in the simplest and most
everyday situations, for example: when you say no, when you count the change, when you name the price for your services
or realize that you do not fit into the generally accepted framework of beauty and success.

It’s as if you’re straining others with one of your existence and your basic needs («others are worse than you»!) I chose my
own photos as my materials, which I transformed into collage self-portraits. The result is distorted characters that accurately
reflect the distortions of my body when I fall into guilt for my existence.


32*45 cms Collage
Ready to Hang
One of a kind artwork
This artwork is sold unframed

Original artwork with signed Certificate of Authenticity

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Materials used:

painted paper