Astrakhan, Tseyhaus Gallery “Earth, what next?”

Moscow, Unconscious on the plane

Voronezh, Most Studio, Anima’s Source

Voronezh, Most Studio The Art of Art with a View of the Black Earth Capital


Tambow, Tambov Regional Art Gallery, Wolf’s tail

Moscow, “Everything is not what it seems,” the museum of Marina Tsvetaeva Download catalog

Togliatti, “Genre in development: Environmental art”, Museum of Actual Realism

Sudak, the territory of the art-residence of Tauris “Remounting 1.0”

Moscow, Apartment exhibition “About Moscow” Download catalog

Moscow, Exhibition of Collage Farm Achievements

Voronezh, Collage Series Rag-and-bone-man Jazz, Eco-Festival

Moscow, Gallery WP, the project “Environmental Crisis”

Italy, Milan, Cultural Association “ArtSpace” exhibition “AMBIENTARTI” eco-theme


Voronezh, Art-Voronezh. Series of paintings “Turkish landscapes”


2020 Education Environment, Faculty of Modern Art

2019 Course “Structure. Texture. Collage”.

2019 Workshop “Assembly. Pandora’s Box

2019 Course “Plot Hunting”

2019 Abstract Collage Course “Collage as Experience: Experiments and Cognition

2019 Paper course “Collage. Application. Engraving on cardboard”

2019 Course “Mixed techniques in painting

2018 Course Basics of painting “Simple school”

2018 Course “ Learning masters”, course “Vision tools and expressive means”

2017 Course “Lazy sketcher”, open air in Vyborg

2016 Course “Mandalotherapy”  Eastern Art Therapists Association, specialty      mandalotherapist

2016 Drawing Studio for adults Vernissage, Voronezh, yearly course

2015 FIA Certificate of American Coaching Academy, life-coach specialty, group coaching

2008 Voronezh State Technical University, Faculty of Economics, specialty: economist



“For the glory of peace on earth”, O.I.Mochalina, ISBN 978-5-9908086-6-9