And I had a revelation…

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…my cockroaches will be with me all my life and I will only get rid of them when I leave my physical body. Optimistic. I don’t feel it’s like I’m accepting my characteristics.

I recently wrote that I have little trust in the world and a lot of control. It has recently come to my attention that I am unlikely to be able to change myself to such an extent that I will constantly swim in the flow and feel that I accept help from all sides. Do I have to?

Does the path that is not mine seem a priori better than the one given to me by default? There are also some flaws there that I just can’t see.

Pride, which seems to me to be something terrible, often sets me at the very top of the bar, which I try to meet.

Fear of losing my physical and sexual appeal makes me use all available means to stay young for longer.

Mastery sees me as learning to be in contact and friendship with my “shortcomings”. For it is completely impossible to get rid of them. What do you think?

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