About Me

Olga Volna

Sphere of artistic interests: painting, collage

Olga Volna is a professional artist from Voronezh. She is engaged in research of abstract expressive collage technique. Olga uses various materials for her works: fabric, paper, wood, plastic. Her works are filled with existential reflections on eternal themes that have been thought about by philosophers of all generations.

— the well-known curator Alyona Alekseeva talks about Olga.


Main themes: landscapes, still lifes, abstract situational portraits.

Stylistics: Naive Art, Abstract Expressionism

Insight: «In my painting, I focus on studying the influence of colour on viewer perception. I’m interested in how these or those colours can reflect the vibrations visible only to the artist and convey meanings that didn’t previously exist».

Buyers of my work often ask where I get my inspiration, how are these warm and joyful paintings born?

My secret is simple — love and travel! Our world is stunningly beautiful and I dream of my paintings working in your home as a battery that recharges the whole family, makes them happy, warms them up, opens up new places and impressions for you!

Achievements 2019-20: participation in national and international exhibition projects, art auctions, curatorial projects.


Main topics: abstraction, authoring — mental-psychological self-portrait.

Stylistics: abstract expressionism, author’s technique — metamorphic collage (recycling of resources)

Insight: «My relationship with the collage is ambiguous. On the one hand, it’s about control: only I decide what the research theme will be, what the visual language of the project will be, it’s as if I’m creating a world with its own laws of beauty. On the other hand, it’s an absolute trust: in the material, in my own intuition, in some divine force that makes possible the act of creation itself».

Achievements 2019-20: participation in numerous national exhibitions, including as a curator and co-curator, organization of thematic collage meetings, work on an educational project. At the moment intensive preparation for a large personal exhibition is underway.